Pivot Irrigated Farm

This farm sits in the northeast quadrant of the intersection of 2500 South and 1300 East, Tuttle, Idaho.

From the Tuttle I-84 overpass go west to Ritchie Road then turn south on 1200 East. Turn east on 2400 South and follow the road as it turns south approximately 600 feet to the north west corner of the farm. The property has well over ½ mile of frontage on I-84 and has good access to markets for crops via the freeway and paved county roads.

Gooding County records indicate that the property contains 87.25 acres more or less. The irrigation system is Lindsay Zimmatic pivot with the pivot point located near the east center of the farm near the freeway. At this location there is a 40 hp Baldor motor Serial Number Z1810191537 and pump that lifts irrigation water from a small pump pond and pressurizes the system. Soils on the farm are a mixture of Bahem and Ticeska-Chijer-Taunton complex which are well drained sandy soils. These are good cropland soils that are found throughout this area. The 2020 crop is a good stand of corn. Irrigation water is supplied by the North Side Canal Company in the amount of 100 Shares. The annual assessment for North Side Canal stock is $25.00 per share.

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Acres: 87.25
Price: $800,000